Many people come to the field with a non-technical background, but if you don’t have technical skills now, there are still ways to develop them on your own time. LinkedIn is the most well-known social network for professionals, and it’s a great place to start building your cybersecurity network. An IT auditor primarily works on internal systems, ensuring they’re configured correctly and safe from outside attacks.

Even those people who aren’t trained in cybersecurity have a shot at a job if they demonstrate motivation to learn. Certification enhances the credibility of your resume and demonstrates to prospective employers that you possess the required skills. Experts in Cybersecurity with continually expanding skill sets and knowledge of the most recent frameworks and regulations are more valuable. Technology now permeates a greater number of facets of daily life than ever before. The benefits of technology range from the luxuries of contemporary life to automation and the Internet of Things. Although technology has many positive effects, it is not without disadvantages. Acquiring cybersecurity knowledge is essential for maintaining online safety.

No Technical Experience or Background

This skill is also vital for cybersecurity specialists, as they constantly have to share theories and ideas with like-minded people. Networking can also help professionals advance their skills and roles in the industry. Often, a cybersecurity engineer’s position is called something else, like data security engineer, IT security engineer, or Web security engineer. Furthermore, sometimes, the role of a cyber security engineer is rolled into a different IT position, especially in smaller companies that can’t afford a cyber security specialist. A cybersecurity specialist is often also known as an information technology or IT security specialist. Once you graduate with your degree, you may also be referred to as a network security specialist. No matter the name, cybersecurity professionals deal with computer networks, the cloud, and new technology as it arrives on the virtual scene.

how to become it security specialist

A security specialist can provide protection for people and organizations or the data owned by businesses. These professionals also work on creating a disaster recovery plan for the organization. This is the procedure that all IT employees have to follow if there is an emergency of any kind. Doing so ensures that the department can continue to function at all times and does not experience downtime. IT security specialists continuously test each of the steps listed in the plan to ensure that it is fit for purpose. The job outlook for cybersecurity specialists is predicted to grow 31% between 2019 and 2029.

What Are Some Related Alternative Careers?

The US News report states that an information security analyst’s title is number five on the best technology jobs list. Analysts of this type develop and implement security policies and strategies, ensure they are regularly updated, monitor these policies’ results, and adjust them if necessary.

Can I get a job in AI without a degree?

Expect most jobs in AI to require a bachelor's degree or higher. For some entry-level positions, you may only need an associate degree or no degree, but that's not too common.

Qualified cybersecurity specialists need a strong foundation of soft and hard skills to complete their daily tasks. Some of those skills include communication, collaboration, malware prevention, and computer forensics. Read this guide to learn about the professional certifications that can help security specialists secure higher paying jobs and promotions.

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This entry-level certification is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of foundational concepts in IT security. The course covers risk management, components of cybersecurity network architecture, classes of attacks, emerging technologies, and more. Information security specialist security analysts must anticipate information security risks and implement new ways to protect their organizations’ computer systems and networks. Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.

They then report this information to their team leader to take appropriate action. It has hundreds of pre-installed hacking tools that can be accessed through one simple interface. This is one of the most effective ways to protect your data from unauthorized access and tampering. It uses mathematical algorithms to scramble information, so only authorized parties can see it in its original form. Solving problems is one of the most significant parts of cybersecurity.

Build Your Resume and Apply for Jobs

The following section lists IT Security Specialist salaries in each state around the country. The figures are based on the total number of job postings through For example, Connecticut had the largest quoted salary of $132,911 while Maine had the smallest quoted salary of $55,159. University Headquarters is your #1 resource for finding top rated colleges, scholarships, potential salaries and helping you find the right career.

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